A man convicted of trespassing at a house he mistakenly thought belonged to Meg Ryan is taking legal action against TV network E! ENTERTAINMENT for referring to him as her "stalker".

John Hughes was arrested in 2002 after breaking into a Malibu, California home he wrongly believed to be owned by the WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star. In fact, the property belonged to a couple who happened to have Ryan as their surname.

Following the incident, the actress took out a restraining order against Hughes, who had told police he was Ryan's fiance.

Hughes is suing E! Entertainment for describing him as a "stalker" in a show screened in July 2004. He claims the term is libelous as he was convicted of a misdemeanour charge of trespassing on a property unrelated to Ryan.

Hughes is seeking $25,000 (GBP13,900) in damages.

23/06/2005 21:32