Meg Ryan will be the latest star to get chubby on screen after signing on to don a fat suit for a new role. The When Harry Met Sally star will team up with Antonio Banderas in romantic comedy HOMELAND SECURITY, in which she'll play a slimmed-down diva. Ryan will start the film off as an "enormous" woman and she'll join the ranks of Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts who have donned fat suits. The actress says of her character, "She was enormous, and now she's foxy, and so she's free to just dig herself. She starts out at 250 pounds before she sheds all that extra weight." Ryan reveals her new fat suit took three hours to apply, but the actress isn't complaining: "I like a character who is all about transformation and is all about 'yes' to life, when it used to be 'no' to life." The role gives Ryan the chance to work with another member of the Hanks family - Tom Hanks' son COLIN will play her son in the film. Ryan and Hanks enjoyed box office success in three hit romantic comedies, JOE VS THE VOLCANO, Sleepless In Seattle and YOU'VE GOT MAIL.