Meg Ryan knew she was destined to become the mother of her adoptive daughter DAISY after an epiphany in India, ten years ago (96). The actress is convinced she was fated to adopt the Chinese baby in October (05), because the adoption process was so smooth. Appearing on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW in America yesterday (01MAR06), she said, "About 10 years ago was when it first occurred to me. I was in India and I saw this little girl and I thought... it just hit me, like, it was very odd, it hit me very strongly that I would adopt a girl, so 10 years later it happened. "I had tried domestic adoption. I went very, very slowly. I just wanted to be sure I was ready. "Then events conspired - it really gives you a lot of faith in things because you just see how there's just no mistake when children are sent to you. "About two years ago I started the Chinese adoption process and then just before Christmas I got the word."