Hollywood actress Meg Ryan was reportedly so distraught at her ex-lover Russell Crowe's wedding earlier this month (APR03) she collapsed in a wailing heap on the eve of his nuptials.

As Crowe finalised plans to walk down the aisle with Danielle Spencer in Australia on 7 April (03) - his 39th birthday - Meg fell apart, her pals tell American gossip tabloid the STAR.

A source says, "She held out hope until the very last minute that Russell wouldn't marry Danielle."

In a desperate attempt to get over Crowe, Meg has reportedly turned to two men for comfort - former CHICAGO HOPE actor WILLIAM KEANE and HIGH FIDELITY star John Cusack.

A friend says, "It felt good for Meg's ego, but she'd give both of them up in a heartbeat if she could get Russell back."

But Meg - whose marriage to actor Dennis Quaid crumbled in 2000 when he discovered his wife had embarked on an affair with her Proof of Life co-star while they made the shot in London - remained hopeful she'd win New Zealand-born Crowe back.

A pal is quoted as saying, "Meg never gave up hope of winning Russell back. She inundated him with phone calls, emails and letters - she was really hounding him.

"She's a basket-case emotionally. She's hurt, humiliated and has never felt so rejected."