Meg Ryan is going public with her thoughts on love, loss and life itself in a bid to prove she's making the most of things.

The actress became a somewhat pitiful figure in some Hollywood circles after she watched her marriage to Dennis Quaid crumble and romances with Russell Crowe and John Cusack fizzle out, but she insists she's happier than ever.

And she has gone public with her thoughts and feelings for pal ROSANNA ARQUETTE's documentary LOOKING FOR DEBRA WINGER.

Ryan explains, "I feel like I've made every mistake in the book, except for the fact I have a great kid.

"But I feel like this is one of the best times of my whole life and it's not defined by a guy or a job. I feel the most empowered I've ever felt as a woman and, like, if you read about me you'd feel so sorry for me."

Also appearing in Arquette's movie, in which she interviews a string of Hollywood actresses about life as mothers and wives, are Robin Wright PENN, Whoopi Goldberg and Diane Lane.

13/08/2003 09:10