Business at the box office remained as cold as the weather in most parts of the country over the weekend. The top ten films together failed to crack the $100-million mark as the box office plummeted more than 30 percent below the comparable weekend a year ago when Avatar was still going strong. The weekend winner was True Grit , which earned $14.6 million in its third week -- hardly an impressive victory figure -- while knocking Little Fockers into second place with $13.5 million. That was less than half what the previous installment in the Fockers series, Meet The Fockers , earned over the same weekend in 2005 -- $28.5 million. (Each film opened on the same December weekend.) Two movies that opened wide failed to draw much of a crowd at all. Season of The Witch might have been spelled with a B instead of a W as it grossed $10.6 million, and Country Strong went wide with $7.3 million -- a figure not as disastrous as it might seem. The movie reportedly cost only $12.5 million to produce and was screened in only 1,424 venues, making it the highest-grossing film on a per-theater basis of any film in wide release.