Rocker brothers CURT and CRIS KIRKWOOD will work together on a new Meat Puppets album for the first time in over 10 years. The warring siblings haven't seen each other during the last tumultuous decade during which Cris battled a heroin addiction and served an 18-month stretch in prison after he was shot during a tussle with a security guard in 2004 while on probation. But Curt has now revealed he has reunited with his troubled brother and that the pair will begin rehearsing new material soon. He says, "I've got the album written already. I'm going to record it on my own and then see who wants to put it out. It's epic. It's big Meat Puppets stuff. "I haven't seen my brother since like 1998, but I'm talking to him a lot. "He's been clean for more than two years and he's all raring to go. Cris' resurrection is no less than miraculous - it's like a Lazarus-type thing. "I was just like, 'If Cris is back, I know his frame of mind.' If he's upright and walking, it's hard to knock him down." Meat Puppets drummer DERRICK BOSTROM turned down an invitation to join the reunion; he is to be replaced by PRIMUS sticksman TIM ALEXANDER. The Kirkwood brothers haven't worked together since touring their 1995 album NO JOKE!. The band also released an album, GOLDEN LIES, without Cris in 2000.