Meat Loaf has called for a ban on internet message boards after reading "horrifying" comments online about the death of Whitney Houston.
The Bat Out of Hell rocker was stunned to learn about his friend's passing earlier this month (Feb12), and his grief was compounded when he noticed cutting remarks about the singing superstar, who battled drug demons during her life.
He tell Britain's Daily Express, "The first time I saw her was in London and we chatted for 45 minutes. Three years later we met again. I felt a connection even though we didn't really hang out.
"What's important for performers is confidence. If someone tears your confidence you're in trouble. After she passed away I was watching TV, reading articles and reading comments that were horrifying.
"I wanted to go through the wire and strangle these people. They are uneducated and that's the fault of governments. One person says something and the others follow like sheep. We should ban them."