Veteran rocker Meat Loaf stunned TV viewers during an episode of Celebrity Apprentice at the weekend (02-03Apr11) by flying into a rage and aiming a foul-mouthed tirade at actor Gary Busey.
The Bat Out Of Hell star was taking part in a task which saw the teams creating their own artworks to sell in a gallery in an episode which aired in the U.S. on Sunday (03Apr11). But he grew angry when he became convinced one of his teammates had stolen his supplies.
He turned on Point Break actor Busey and accused him of taking his paints, and the expletive-ridden exchange became so heated, Meat Loaf had to be physically restrained by teammate Mark MCGrath.
When the singer eventually calmed down, he realised his art supplies were actually sitting in a bag in the corner of the room and he offered an emotional apology to Busey, saying, "I'm so embarrassed by it, and I'm so upset by it. I truly am very sorry."
Busey replied, "I accept your apology, Meat. Let it go, I forgive you."
The rocker then admitted having issues with his temper in the past and revealed he has attended anger management classes in a bid to cool down, adding, "I've gone to anger management, I've done that."