Rocker Meat Loaf reduced a Motley Crue after-show party to silence when he blasted frontman Nikki Sixx in a row over his daughter's raunchy stage attire.

The Bat Out Of Hell veteran allowed his daughter PEARL ADAY to tour with the raucous heavy metal band, but he flew into a rage when he witnessed her scantily-clad live appearance.

However, much to the relief of stunned onlookers - and wildman singer Sixx - the charismatic 53-year-old's rant was purely for his own amusement.

He says, "During the tour I went along to see the show one night. When she first appeared, I remember, she had her back to the audience.

"But I could see that all she was wearing was a cowboy hat, a bikini top and a G-string. Afterwards, I went up to Nikki Sixx, the lead singer of the Motley Crew, and in a real serious, loud voice I said: 'Hey Nikki, I wanna talk to you about what my daughter was wearing - now!.' Nikki replied: 'I had nothing to do with what your daughter wore.'

"There was a silence, and then everybody knew I wasn't serious and started laughing. But for a few seconds I scared the hell out of him."

30/01/2005 21:29