Meat Loaf may never sing again.

The 70-year-old music legend has undergone a series of surgical procedures in an attempt to resolve ongoing problems with his back but he's in so much pain, he uses a walker to get round his home and relies on the help of his wife Deborah to get into bed at night.

He admitted: ''Because it hurts my back, I haven't been able to sing in a year. You use everything to sing, and I just cannot do it.''

''My back is driving me crazy. But then I'm probably a little crazy anyway, because of all the concussions [I've suffered in the past].''

But the 'Bat Out of Hell' hitmaker won't give up fighting.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: ''From how I grew up, that's where I learned to be tough and to never stop. I mean, I'm tough as nails. Once I was hit in the head with a pool cue and just turned to the guy and said, 'You just made a big mistake.' Got hit in the head with a whiskey bottle. Had my head slammed into a locker.

''I've had 18 concussions. And nothing, nothing has ever put me down. Yeah, man - I never go down.''

Meat admitted he's unlikely to attend the upcoming premiere of the 'Bat Out of Hell' if he still has to use the walker.

He said: ''Not a prayer.''

But the 'Two Out of Three Ain't Bad' singer thinks he's too old to go out anywhere anyway.

He said: ''I don't have any business going out to where all the bars and bands are. They'd look at me and say, 'Who's the old guy? What's that old guy doing here?' No, man, I don't belong in those places.''

Meanwhile, the former 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant also confessed he voted for controversial president Donald Trump at the 2016 election.

Initially refusing to reveal who he supported, he eventually told the publication: ''I voted for Trump.''