Meat Loaf is ''jealous'' of other performers in their 60s who have no apparent problems.

The 65-year-old rocker has vowed his current European tour will be his last because of mobility problems stemming from a knee replacement operation and balance issues caused by suffering 18 concussions, but wishes he was able to carry on.

He said: ''This really is my final tour. I won't be talked out of it.

''I've had all these concussions and they're now starting to play havoc with my equilibrium and balance. I was upstairs getting dressed earlier and if you'd had a camera on me, you'd be asking, 'How much has that guy had to drink?' That's a problem on stage. I stumble and people think I've been drinking.

''It upsets me and I'm jealous because I see Bruce Springsteen sliding along the stage on his knees and Jagger's still doing it, but I've got 100 pounds on him and that extra weight has a bearing on your bones and joints.''

The 'Bat Out Of Hell' rocker also revealed he has had many near-death experiences.

He added to Q magazine: ''I've been in a plane that had to make an emergency landing, been in a plane where the wing hit the runway, been in a plane where the hydraulics blew out... I've been in a head-on collision in a car and spend four hours waiting to be cut out. I am a cat with nine lives and I've had eight of them.''