Meat Loaf is focusing his sights on his Hollywood career - because he considers himself an actor first, musician second.
The Bat Out of Hell rocker - real name Marvin Lee Aday - has enjoyed huge success as a singer, but at 60, he wants to be remembered more for his skills on screen than anything else.
When asked whether he's more of a musician or an actor, he tells Britain's Esquire magazine, "I'm an actor. I've done 43 films and I've got offers for a couple more on the table.
"I don't always choose them for the size of the role - there is an old actor saying and it is that there are never small roles, only small actors.
And Meat Loaf - who has starred in movies including Fight Club and The Pick of Destiny - singles out his best-ever performance as that in the lesser known 2001 drama Focus, alongside William H. MACy and Laura Dern.
He adds, "Forget making records, or selling records. That's it, right there, the best thing I've ever done - (Focus), a little film that we shot in Toronto (Canada) and no one knows about it."