Meat Loaf bought an apartment after gambling with £40.

The 'Bat Out Of Hell' hitmaker was extremely successful with a small stake during an early visit to the Playboy Club in London and won enough money to make his first property purchase.

He said: ''I was originally cast in 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest', but there was a writer's strike so I ended up doing the stage show of 'The Rocky Horror Show' instead.

''I had the time of my life in London. I made friends with a Pakistani taxi driver. He was a member of the Playboy Club and he took me.

''You could gamble in there in those days. I went in with £40 and came out with £23,000 - I was rich! £23,000! I went and bought an apartment.''

The 64-year-old rocker admits to having experimented with DRUGS, but doesn't like getting drunk, though he will have a little alcohol to calm his nerves before a show.

He told Shortlist magazine: ''I tried drugs but I don't really drink.

''I get horrific stage fright so I have a shot of tequila to calm my nerves, but that's three hours before I go on. I despite the taste of beer, I don't like vodka, I don't like Scotch. Champagne makes me want to gag. I've never been that clichéd rocker.''