Veteran rocker Meat Loaf feared he would be forced to cancel his upcoming farewell tour because he struggled to get back on his feet after knee surgery.

The Bat Out Of Hell star checked into hospital for the procedure in November (12), and underwent intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment to be fit for his shows, which kick off in Newcastle, England on Friday (05Apr13).

Meat Loaf is set to take to the stage as planned, but he reveals the tour was in jeopardy because his progress following the surgery was slow.

Speaking on Britain's The One Show, he says, "I was getting a little nervous there for a while cos (sic) we had already gone on sale with the tickets and it wasn't getting better, we were getting really nervous we were gonna have to cancel and then I started going to acupuncture, and we had nerve tests.

"We were doing everything we could do, I was working out like two hours a day, riding a bike for 30 minutes... It's got nerve damage but it's fine, I can walk."

The star also revealed he needed the surgery because action scenes on upcoming horror movie musical Stage Fright went wrong.

He adds, "I did a movie in September and October, Stage Fright... and there were a lot of stunts. I stabbed a lot of people and killed a lot of people (in the movie). The stunt man wasn't doing so well so I decided that I would take over... and really tore this knee up. Two weeks before they did it (the operation), I couldn't walk from the kitchen to the bedroom."