Veteran rocker Meat Loaf is facing a second knee operation as he recovers from the first round of surgery last year (12).

The Bat Out of Hell singer underwent a knee replacement procedure in November (12) and has spent months undergoing gruelling physiotherapy treatment in time to be ready for his U.K. tour, which kicks off later this week (05Apr13).

However, Meat Loaf has now revealed he is facing further surgery because his other knee also needs replacing.

He says, "I've had a knee replacement. I've got to have the other one replaced."

Meat Loaf reveals it will take him around a year to fully recover from the first operation, adding, "Two weeks before the knee surgery, I literally couldn't walk from the bedroom to the kitchen. They took me to the hospital in an ambulance to get my knee replaced. When they did, it was so damaged and torn up, it's going to take a year to come back."