Moviemaker McG blames himself for TERMINATOR SALVATION star Christian Bale's on-set meltdown, which hit the headlines when an audio cassette of the rant was leaked online earlier this year (Feb09).
The angry actor could be heard hurling abuse at the film's director of photography Shane Hurlbut after he stepped into Bale's vision to correct a lighting problem during a tense scene.
Disgraced Bale has since apologised for his 2008 outburst, insisting he and Hurlbut quickly made up and became friends.
But, as Bale promotes the new MCG film, he is forced to revisit the day he lost his cool - and the director insists he feels the leaked tape episode was partly his fault.
He explains, "It broke my heart, because I take all the responsibility for protecting my actors on the set day in and day out, and it's my responsibility to make sure that they can be free to express themselves in any way they like and it's a real violation of the family of the set community.
"You can take anything out of context and you also don't want artists censoring their performance, so you gotta be really careful with that. You have faith that those outtakes never get out, to the websites or on the streets, in any capacity that would be unflattering or not in the service of the picture."
He tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood the cast was in the middle of a tense war scene on the day his star lost his cool: "I wanted the blood up of all my actors... Everybody was very wound up and everybody was fired up and I wanted him (Bale) that way... I riled him up! I deserve all the blame, in fact, throw me right under the bus.
"Christian is a very good guy, he's got no entourage, drives around in a pick-up truck, no assistant, he's just focused on being an actor, and he's really really a good guy."
MCG is still angry about the fact the audio cassette of Bale's rage wound up in the wrong hands: "That's the proprietary material of Warner Bros. and Sony and the owners of the franchise... It was wildly illegal for that to be leaked in that capacity."
Movie executives are still investigating the leak.