A former spy who was the inspiration behind IRA movie FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING has blasted the film's director KARI SKOGLAND for allowing the terrorist organisation's former members to provide creative input on-set.
Martin MCGartland, who infiltrated the infamous Irish Republican Army (IRA), hit out after it emerged former IRA volunteers had given the crew tips on how to boost the film's authenticity - allegedly including advice on bomb-making and torture.
MCGartland says, "(Skogland) should certainly not have been negotiating with the IRA to be able to film in certain areas of Belfast and she should never have allowed former IRA terrorists to be on set while filming."
Earlier this week (begs15Sep08) the movie's producers apologised after the film's star Rose MCGowan said she would have joined the IRA if she had grown up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.