LATEST: The member of the British royal family caught up in an alleged gay sex tape scandal has been named on an American news show. Suspect Ian Strachan was arrested along with Sean MCGuigan in September (07), after attempting to extort $100,000 (GBP50,000) from an extended family member of the monarchy to hand over the cash in exchange for not releasing the explicit video. The identity of the royal has been kept a secret since the pair's arrest because court restrictions on the case banned the British media from revealing the blackmail victim's name. However, the court ruling does not extend to media outside of the U.K., and on Tuesday (30Oct07), the royal was named on Fox News' Live Desk. The accused duo claim the tape shows the person in question engaging in oral sex with another male and insinuated that the royal had supplied cocaine to an aide. The video footage is also said to contain a number of unsubstantiated allegations against other members of the royal family. Strachan has denied a charge of blackmail, and although he admits he made first contact with the royal, he alleges it was the him who made the cash offer to keep the videotape under wraps. Strachan's legal advisor, Giovanni di Stefano, says, "At no time did my client call the royal household. He in fact called the private business office of the individual concerned. "My client denies that he asked for any money and that it was in fact the office of the individual concerned who first offered money." Strachan and MCGuigan are currently being held in police custody and are due to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on 20 December (07).