British boy band McFly have exposed their drummer Harry Judd's romance with LINDSAY LOHAN - by writing a cheeky song about it. The pop stars initially met the actress on the set of new movie JUST MY LUCK. But Judd and Lohan reportedly took their friendship one step further, and the chart hunks have paid tribute to the fling with saucy song PLEASE, PLEASE, LINDSAY, PLEASE. Singer/guitarist DANNY JONES says, "The song is about Lindsay who Harry hooked up with in America. "We banned Harry from having any say in the lyrics. Me, TOM (FLETCHER) and DOUGIE (POYNTER) sat down and wrote the song as a joke, then went up to Harry and said: 'Mate, we just wrote a song about this Lindsay girl you hooked up with. You don't mind do you?' He bloody loves it."