McFly star Danny Jones backed out of a fling with Kelly Osbourne - after meeting her hell-raising dad OZZY in his underpants.
The pop singer went back to the family's home in Buckinghamshire, England, after a night clubbing with Kelly in London.
But when former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy turned up in his underwear, Jones was scared off.
He says, "We were sitting downstairs chatting and stuff until about 7am. Then, Ozzy Osbourne shuffled in wearing only these creased, black Y-fronts (underwear).
"He sat next to me at the kitchen table, wolfed down a couple of buns, and grumbled 'Who are you then?'. I introduced myself - I don't think he was a MCFly fan.
"I left soon after he returned to bed, even though Kelly asked me to stay. I'm the kind of lad who likes to introduce myself to parents properly before I stay the night. It didn't feel right."