McFly star Harry Judd once drank so much on tour he fell down a set of stairs and cut his face so badly he had to be admitted to hospital.
The drummer for the British boyband admits the group began boozing heavily during its last round of tour dates, and one night of partying ended in a bloody accident and a trip to the emergency room with his bandmate Tom Fletcher.
Judd explains, "The producer we work with likes to go out most nights. So a lot of the work was done during the night. Yeah, there was a lot of partying. One night in particular we went out, I got overexcited, ran up stairs, fell over, cut my lip open. I went to hospital with Tom still p**sed, giggling at the nurse.
"The nurse was trying to ask us questions and we were just crying with laughter and then they shut me up by putting a needle in my lip. There was no anaesthetic, it just went straight in. But I stank of booze."