Pop band McFly have developed a sudden interest in the cooler end of that most graceful of sciences, astronomy.

The London rockers have sniffed a chance of becoming real-life astronauts and are eyeing pop history by becoming the first band to perform in space.

It's all thanks to buddy Sir Richard Branson, hippest of entrepreneurs, who is planning on developing mainstream space tourism flights with 2009 pencilled in as blast-off time.

If McFly get their way, they will be one of the first tourists heading off into the ether.

"McFly are lovely guys. I'm totally up for it," the Mirror quoted Sir Richard as saying earlier this week, in relation to proposals that the band could perform a great gig in the sky.

Drummer Harry Judd is, understandably, fairly excited by the prospect, explaining that "we'd have to go to Nasa in America for a three-day course to become proper astronauts".

His band will have to maintain their high-profile successes by flying high in the charts if they want to make it into orbit, however. McFly's next single from the Motion in the Ocean album is Transylvania.

10/02/2007 16:45:56