LATEST: British boy band McFly have questioned Lindsay Lohan's memory, after she denied a romance with the group's drummer. Harry Judd's boasts of a fling with the actress were cut down when the beauty insisted she didn't find any of her musical co-stars on movie JUST MY LUCK attractive enough. She claimed, "I didn't date him. I didn't fancy any of the MCFly boys." However, Judd is adamant the pair shared a night of passion at her hotel after meeting on the set of the movie, and can't understand why Lohan is so embarrassed. He says, "It's weird. I've spent a year denying it, but now I'm supplying it: I did spend the night with her. "She still isn't admitting it. Maybe she's got a very short memory." The band penned cheeky ode PLEASE, PLEASE, LINDSAY, PLEASE about the flame-haired star.