McBusted's Tom Fletcher has had the band's name tattooed on his foot.

The guitarist had the supergroup's title - a portmanteau of his band McFly and his friend's group Busted - inked after losing at a game of ''tattoo roulette'' with his bandmate Dougie Poynter.

He tweeted: ''I lost tattoo roulette...I've got the worlds worst band name on my foot... forever.''

Explaining how he came to get the permanent memento of the group, he added: ''It all came down to a tense game of rock/paper/scissors between me and @dougiemcfly. Best of 3. Rock let me down. (sic)''

The band - which sees Tom, Dougie, Danny Jones and Harry Judd from McFly team with Busted's Matt Willis and James Bourne - have previously said they are proud of their ''s**t'' band name.

Matt joked: ''We'd gone through regretting it, and now we embrace it. We think actually, it's so s**t, we quite like it! There was a really s**t list of names, and this was the only possible one. It was the best of a really bad bunch.''

Tom added: ''Bustfly, they were all on there. I challenge anyone to work out a better one!''