A pioneering campaign to help prisoners put their past behind them by concentrating on music is heading to the U.S.
Mick Jones of The Clash, Foo Fighters rocker Chris Shiflett, and Wayne Kramer of the Mc5 joined Billy Bragg at a recent gig in London to perform for Jail Guitar Doors, a campaign created by Bragg.
Former Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things singer Carl Barat is among those who have visited inmates as part of the campaign, in which instruments are donated to jails to help rehabilitate prisoners.
He says, "It was quite an eye opener. Pretty scary. But as soon as you get over that you realise you can make a difference. Music is a form of expression and a lot of people in institutions like this have problems with expression, so done the right way it can give people a voice."
Now the initiative has proved so successful it is to be rolled out across the U.S.
Kramer says, "The more we talked about it, I thought, this is something we need to do in America. There's no downside to it."