Veteran rapper Mc Ren wants fans to boycott new album MUSIC INSPIRED BY Scarface - because record bosses included a NWA track without their permission.

Def Jam's new compilation album is a tribute to the ultra-violent 1983 Brian De Palma movie and features the NWA track DOPE MAN.

But MC REN is upset because he's not a fan of the movie and was never asked if the vintage track could be included.

He says, "I saw this s*** on BET talking about Music Inspired By Scarface and I said, 'What the hell?'

"Def Jam know they're wrong with that s*** and they had us, NWA, on that s*** with a gang of new artists.

"The movies that inspired me was KRUSH GROOVE, BEAT STREET and WILD STYLE, not no damn SCARFACE, and Def Jam is just doing anything for money.

"None of them Def Jam fools ever asked me or any other member of NWA. if that bulls***-a** movie influenced us.

"Def Jam need to think before they do some b**ch s*** like that, because niggas like me will check their a**. So if y'all see that b**ch-a** record - leave that s*** in the store."

05/11/2003 16:59