MC Harvey has backtracked over claims he had a secret romance with Cheryl Cole.

The rapper claimed last week that he had dated the Girls Aloud singer in late 2010 following her divorce from England and Chelsea soccer star Ashley Cole, but he has now gone back on his comments saying he only had a "communication relationship" with her for "a good five months".

Speaking on British radio station Choice FM, he said: "I will 100 per cent say that we had a communication relationship, but have I been out with her? No I haven't.

"I did not say I would marry her. I've never been with her, I've never claimed to have a relationship with her, but the communication is not a lie.

"If I'd done that, I'd be lying to myself and lying to my family. If I'm saying was there communication with us, yes - for a good five months."

Following the publication of Harvey's claims in a magazine, a twitter feud broke out between the pair with Cheryl strongly denying she had a secret romance with the 32-year-old So Solid Crew star, suggesting he must have been "smoking something" to think it had happened.

The 28-year-old brunette tweeted: "Was this "relationship" happening in your head @harveyofficial ?! Are you smoking something?

"@harveyofficial I think I've met you once maybe twice at public events and With your wife!! (sic)"

Harvey - who was previously married to Alesha Dixon before cheating on her with singer JAVINE HYLTON - admits to having a "look of horror" on his face when he went into his local newsagents and saw his comments had been published, and he intended to let it "blow over" until Cheryl publically refuted his claims on twitter.

He added: "I was waiting for it to blow over, that's why I backed off.

"But when she publicly went and done that, she brought it to the forefront as a battle, and me personally, that's your fault because I didn't wanna go on a public social network and give people what they want and entertain it but naturally as a person, when you done that, you put me in a corner.

"I'm not gonna sit here and start publicly grilling Cheryl Cole, because I don't have that hate In Me - she's a good girl.

"She's got a team around her, she's worth a lot of money. So why are they gonna want her to be associated with someone like me that's got my track record?"