Veteran rapper Mc Hammer is baffled by U.S. tax officials' legal request to garnish his earnings and settle an alleged $800,000 (£533,330) debt, because he insists he is all paid up.

The U Can't Touch This hitmaker and his wife, Stephanie, have been named in court papers filed by representatives at the Internal Revenue Service (Irs) amid accusations the couple failed to submit income tax payments for 1996 and 1997.

They have asked a judge to redirect all the star's future wages to the U.S. treasury in a bid to cover the outstanding amount, but MC Hammer is convinced Irs chiefs have got it all wrong.

Taking to his blog on Monday (09Dec13), he wrote, "I put over 5 million dollars in my account asked the Irs how much do you want ? They put it in writing, I paid them and got a receipt."

Hammer, real name Stanley Burrell, is no stranger to the Irs - he filed for bankruptcy in 1996, but tax officials have filed multiple liens against him in the years since.