Rapper Mc Hammer, actress Eva Longoria and country singer Chely Wright are praying for the victims of a fatal shooting at a Christian university in Oakland, California on Monday (02Apr12).
Reports suggest at least five people were killed and others wounded when an unidentified gunman opened fire inside the school on Monday morning. Officials from the Oakland Police Department have so far confirmed that more than one person was shot dead.
A possible suspect was arrested moments after the tragedy and is currently in police custody.
The news has shocked a number of stars, and Longoria was one of the first to express her sympathy for those caught up in the incident.
In a post on Twitter.com, she writes, "My prayers go out to those involved in the shooting".
Meanwhile, Wright tweets, "Sad for the people killed today in Oakland, CA. I will never understand why people go on these rampages. It's horrific", and city native MC Hammer posts, "Praying for Oakland."