Mc Hammer's recent feud with JAY-Z is over - the veteran rapper is keen to "move on" and put the public fallout in the past.
The U Can't Touch This hitmaker pokes fun at Jay-Z in his video for new single Better Run Run, with the song's lyrics labelling him an "impostor" who has stolen Hammer's "swagger".
The star is said to have made the promo in response to Jay-Z's mention of him in a new song with Kanye West called So Appalled, in which he raps about Hammer's previous money problems.
The hip-hop mogul later insisted the rapper took his lyrics "the wrong way".
MC Hammer has now declared he is keen to put the "tensions" behind him and has called on fans to forget about the incident.
He tells, "As a responsible veteran of twenty-something years of this (hip-hop). I can't leave it out there with tensions.
"I am reading comments on both sides, it's not about that, I have seen all of that before. There is an opportunity to say at some point (that) we (should move) onto the next thing. You know, Jay took his shot and I answered. Now let's move on."