Grown-up child star Mayim Bialik has agreed to let a TV makeover team revamp her look after realising most of the clothes she owns date back to when she was the star of sitcom BLOSSOM.
The actress, now a 33-year-old mum, agreed to let stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly rework her fashions for the upcoming season premiere of hit show What Not To Wear.
Bialik accepted the challenge when people on the street started poking fun at her.
She tells TV Guide magazine, "I'm not trendy, I'm not hip, I don't understand fashion. I have weird taste.
"When you hear that you need a makeover from your mom or your best friend, you don't take it seriously, but when you're attacked on the street and shown yourself in this mirror that highlights how dumpy you look, it really hits home."