The Bridesmaids actress films her new variety show Maya & Marty, with Martin Short, at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, the same building where The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is taped.

Obama appeared on The Tonight Show last week (ends12Jun16) and was given Maya's dressing room so she was barred from using her space but Maya made her presence known with a note urging him to make himself at home.

"They were like, 'security's gonna be really tight, you can't go down the hall, you're not gonna be able to touch your room for 48 hours,'" she tells U.S. chat show host Seth Meyers. "So I left him a note that just said, 'Hi President Obama, welcome... mi casa es su casa (my house is your house)."

She also thanked for him for his two-term stint in office, and when she returned to her dressing room, she was surprised to discover that Obama had returned the favour with his own letter and branded chocolates.

"He wrote me back! He said, 'Thanks for letting me crash on your couch.' World's coolest President. And you know what else was in my room? Presidential chocolate Kisses... They're packaged and they're beautiful and they say 'President Obama' and they're chocolate Kisses... how cool of a mofo (motherf**ker) do you have to be to be like, 'I was here'".

She added that the chocolates were "so good".

This isn't Maya's first encounter with Obama. She previously dressed up as him for an impersonation when he was the Democrat nominee during her time on Saturday Night Live. Her sketch never made it to air, but Obama made an appearance that same show, so he met her while she was dressed like him.

"He was charismatic and handsome as f**k. And tall!' she told Yahoo! Style last year (15). "I was instantly won over by his baby-brown eyes. That was the thing about that place (SNL). Sometimes you have to pinch yourself and be like, 'What is happening?'"

Maya left SNL in 2007 after seven years.