Maximo Park's Paul Smith has to have his suits altered at the crotch.

The singer is so scared his energetic stage movements will split his trousers, he has hired a tailor to reinforce the fabric between his legs.

He said: "I'm working with a guy called Jonathan Quearney. He used to work on Savile Row in London and he's got his own place now."

Jonathan- who was thanked on the group's sleeve notes for 'Quicken the Heart' - explained how he had made the suits kick-proof.

He said: "The layers inside the suit have large loose stitches so Paul can jump around like a lunatic and not rip the clothes apart."

Paul will be able to showcase his new suits at the Glastonbury Festival later this month.

The rockers will be the first act to play the new William Green area of the site on Thursday June 25 - the day before the music event officially opens.