Max Cooper Releases 'Impacts' Single On 3rd February 2014

Max Cooper Releases 'Impacts' Single On 3rd February 2014

An album that sets out to examine sonic extremes, Max Cooper's debut Human juxtaposes a whole range of electronic styles:  lush orchestration fighting savage distortion, and clinical digital sound anchored by warm analogue grooves.  And nowhere is that restless curiosity to experiment as apparent as the contrast of the first and second singles - first, the delicate and downtempo Adrift, versus this second release, Impacts, the roughest, toughest sampler workout Cooper has produced.

On the album, they're sequenced in a focused line to be the centre of the album's first act and then its midpoint, before the album's more experimental final act.  But as a single on its own?  Impacts is a stop-start stomper that has had festival crowds asking WTF!?!? for months now, and the album's only purely dancefloor moment - as far from voguish k-house sounds as it is.  

But despite the harsh uncompromising sonic contrast - and this is a track that grunts into focus like a sledgehammer picking a fight with a gang of hi-hats - Impacts is, to Cooper's mind, actually something very optimistic.  It's the sound of a person beaten again and again by life, but each time bouncing back and wanting more.

For the remixes, Cooper has gone for two artists with their own take on high-contrast sonics.  Gabe Gurnsey of Factory Floor has folded his band's hypnotic acid tweaking into the original's rasping beats, and Perc has gone balls out with an take-it-or-leave it experimental sub-lead mix for the serious heads and big systems.

Human is out March 10, and this second single Impacts on Feb 3. 

'Impacts' single tracklist: 
01. Impacts (Gabe Gurnsey Factory Floor remix)
02. Impacts
03. Impacts (Perc remix)

Human Tour Part One:  
10 Jan - Break Club, Montpellier, France
17 Jan - Button Factory, Dublin
25 Jan - Club Kyo, Singapore, Singapore
27 Jan - Rainbow Serpent Festival, Australia 
02 Feb - La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France 
07 Feb - Gare Porto, Porto, Portugal
08 Feb - Europa Sunrise, Lisbon, Portugal
14 Feb - Under Wheel Club, Tbilsi, Georgia
15 Feb - Roest, Amsterdam, Netherlands
27 Feb - DIEP | Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
28 Feb - Perron, Rotterdam, Netherlands
01 Mar - Flex, Vienna, Austria
05 Mar - Mistral Club, Aix En Provence, France
08 Mar - KB18, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Listen to 'Impacts' here: