British Public Relations guru Max Clifford has launched a blistering attack on Victoria Beckham, after the singer was snapped with her hands down her soccer star husband DAVID's trousers.

Britain's golden couple were photographed getting intimate in the backseat of their limousine on Friday (09JAN04) after leaving London restaurant NOBU - but Clifford believes the incident was a publicity stunt to promote her latest single THIS GROOVE/LET YOUR HEAD GO.

Clifford, who represents a host of celebrity clients such as Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell, explains, "It's obvious that she's trying to make an impact, but it all seems really sad and desperate to me.

"Anyone married to David Beckham can get all the publicity they want, but it's a lot harder getting a number one record. The harder she tries to get her career on an up by chasing headlines, the more her record sales seem to tumble - only David's stock seems to rise."

POSH SPICE's double A-side single missed out on the top spot after its release earlier this month (JAN04) and debuted at number three, but slipped to number seven at the weekend (11JAN04).

13/01/2004 13:53