Forget talent and hard work, the route to fame is apparently through reality TV and talent show programmes.

Max Clifford, the media guru who has helped many a celeb deal with the press, has said that failing on shows such as Big Brother and the X Factor is the quickest way to become famous.

Speaking on digital channel Fame TV, he said: "There's no set route or set of rules to achieving fame. Nowadays it's possible for people to become famous literally overnight.

"Talent doesn't even really come into being famous any more, it helps obviously, but most of it is just about being seen with the right people and then really knowing how to capitalise on it."

According to Mr Clifford, if reality TV does not appeal to wannabe stars then other options for fame include making a home sex video and then 'accidentally' leaking it to the press.

All this might seem a bit desperate, but people are willing to do it he added, saying: "There are absolutely no limits to what people are prepared to do nowadays if they think it will achieve their dreams of fame."

11/12/2006 09:48:56