Publicist Max Clifford is receiving treatment for prostate cancer, it has been revealed.

Clifford, 65, is widely known in Britain for representing a vast array of stars from Simon Cowell to Rebecca Loos.

He was diagnosed with the disease six months ago after going for an annual check-up.

Clifford told the Daily Star newspaper in an interview that he had decided to make his health situation known as he was nearing the end of his radiotherapy treatment.

He also said it had been hard telling his daughter Louise after his wife Liz had died of bone caner five years ago.

"It was a real shock. The C-word [cancer] is one you never want to hear. I kept wondering what was around the corner. My attitude is to face things full on. It's not about being brave, it's about being realistic," Clifford said.

"It was particularly hard telling Louise because of what happened to Liz. I didn't want anyone else to know. I am good at keeping secrets and I am sure no one has noticed what has been going on over these past six months.

"I hope that by speaking out I can encourage other men to have regular check-ups and perhaps save lives too."

14/04/2008 17:25:52