British public relations guru Max Clifford has slammed Michael Jackson's performance at the World Music Awards in London this week (15NOV06), insisting the pop superstar has "lost the plot". Jackson was expected to perform a duet of his 1982 hit THRILLER with R+B star Chris Brown at the awards, but Brown sang the track alone. And when Jackson finally came on stage to sing a few lines of WE ARE THE WORLD, his performance received a chorus of boos. Clifford says the debacle has destroyed Jackson's reputation as a performer, explaining, "In the last five years or more, Michael has alienated a lot of people. But the one thing that always stood him in good stead was, as a performer, he was one of the greats. "This week, he destroyed that image. The reports from the awards say he sang one mangled line, several messy high notes and exited to a chorus of boos. As a performer that was incredibly damaging, and that's all he's got left." "In simple terms, he's lost the plot, is totally divorced from reality and even when he goes on to perform and gives a performance everyone describes as abysmal, he thinks it's great. When you get to that stage, it's not good."