Brit actor Max Beesley has revealed that going out with Scary Spice MELANIE BROWN "had no benefits" for his career.

In a newspaper interview to promote new BBC series THE LAST ENEMY, the 37-year-old admitted that being papped with his leopardprint-clad lover "slowed things down" in his ascent towards acting success.

Referring to their three-year tryst, he told the Daily Mail: "It wasn't a particularly nice situation to be in and, as far as I could see, it had no benefits and plenty of disadvantages."

Adding that the affair damaged his career "100 per cent", Robbie Williams' mate lamented being painted with the same "celebrity brush" as the latter-day ex-lover of Hollywood heavyweight Eddie Murphy.

Since leaving Scary behind, Max has had screen success in BBC3's BODIES, BBC1's HOTEL BABYLON and ITV1's TALK TO ME.

In THE LAST ENEMY, he portrays an aid worker in Afghanistan, alongside TRAINSPOTTING psycho Robert Carlyle.

Max - who admits that conquering Hollywood is high on his agenda - has been friends with Mr Williams since he toured with Take That in his pre-Scary days as a fledgling musician.

29/02/2008 14:47:53