British actor Max Beesley is urging men to get checked out for prostrate cancer, after discovering his father is suffering the deadly disease. Jazz drummer Maxton Beesley has been told his condition is inoperable, after he put off visiting his doctor for a year - so father and son are calling on those in high risk groups to take the Prostate-Specific Antigen test, which can spot early signs of the disease. GLITTER actor Max has undergone the test himself - which proved negative - and is setting his sights on helping his dad beat the cancer. He says, "I set up a dietary workout plan for my dad, to encourage him. "I'm confident, because he's an active and fit guy - he works out five days a week - that things will work out." Max, whose grandfather also suffered from prostate cancer, adds, "I'm a natural hypochondriac. I've had a full check out, and there's no sign of it."