Livin' On a High Note also features songs written by Aloe Blacc, Neko Case, and Benjamin Booker.

Cave penned Jesus Lay Down Beside Me for Staples and Bon Iver's Vernon offered up the song Dedicated.

"I've been singing my freedom songs and I wanted to stretch out and sing some songs that were new," Mavis explains. "I told the writers I was looking for some joyful songs. I want to leave something to lift people up; I'm so busy making people cry, not from sadness, but I'm always telling a part of history that brought us down and I'm trying to bring us back up."

And she loved working with talented strangers: "They gave me that feeling of, 'Hey, I can hang! I can still do this!' she explains. "There's a variety, and it makes me feel refreshed and brand new.

"I'm just so grateful. I must be the happiest old girl in the world."