Matthew Williamson credits his parents with his continued success.

The renowned designer has enjoyed a lucrative 13-year career and says he owes special thanks to his parents who moved in and helped his start his business.

He said: "Dad did the deliveries and Mum manned the phone and sewed dragonflies on to cashmere cardigans. Later she ran the boutique, and she'd chat with people and make them cups of tea."

Matthew said his famous clients - including Kylie Minogue, Sienna Miller and Jade Jagger - all love his mother and constantly ask about her.

He explained to The Times: "To this day Kylie will say: 'How's your mum?'"

He also admitted his business partner Joseph Velosa is incredibly close to his parents and will spend time with them even if he is not around.

Matthew said: "I've got armfuls of friends who are closer to my mum than they are to me. They all love her to pieces. She considers Joseph, my business partner as another son. He took her to the cinema the other night and she and my dad often stay with him."