Matthew Williamson credits his three muses with his continued success.

The renowned designer has enjoyed a lucrative 13-year career and says he owes special thanks to Valentine Fillol Cordier, Sienna Miller and Jade Jagger because they're all so different.

He said: "I think there have been about three Women in my career: Valentine, Jade Jagger and Sienna Miller. They're all very different, but I think you need that - to be able to build a brand that's multi-faceted."

Matthew says he wanted to work with fashion stylist Valentine as soon as he met her because of her unique look.

He told Stylist magazine: "I knew I really liked her style. She has an innate sense of what works for her and she isn't a slave to fashion."

Matthew also said he was desperate to work with Sienna after seeing a picture of the stunning actress.

He said: "I've known her for about eight years, just before she started making the film 'Alfie'. I saw her picture on a party page in an American magazine and I pulled out the picture and put it on the pin board in my office because she looked cute. And then one day my sales director came in and said, 'I know that girl, do you want to meet her?' And that was it."