Former FRIENDS star Matthew Perry's proudest moment was introducing future husband and wife Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan. Weekend At Bernie's star Silverman and actress Finnigan quietly wed on 7 June (07) in a cliffside villa on the Greek island of Mykonos, before hosting a reception for family and friends in Malibu, California last month (28Jul07). And a moved Perry told the reception how introducing the couple meant more to him than his Emmy nominations. Silverman says, "The gentleman who introduced us was Matthew Perry. As our relationship blossomed, he took such pride. "At the Malibu reception, he said this was his greatest achievement. He said, 'I've been nominated for four Emmy Awards, but seeing you guys together, knowing I had a major hand in it, makes me proud.' "The first thing I said in my toast was, 'Matthew Perry, thank you for introducing us.'"