The hit U.S. comedy ended in 2004 with an epic double episode featuring a happy conclusion to the show's on-off romance between Ross and Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

In the finale Perry's character Chandler Bing and his pals Joey, Monica and Phoebe also moved on with their lives, and Matthew now thinks a reunion would spoil the ending.

"That's the concern about doing a reunion show or movie because it ended so well," he tells British talk show This Morning. "We don't want to sort of ruin that. Everybody asks about a reunion and there's been no real talk of that."

Although there are currently no plans for the return of the comedy, all the main cast except Perry reunited last month (Feb16) for a U.S. TV tribute to director James Burrows.

While Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Aniston, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc attended the reunion, Matthew was unable to be there in person due to theatre commitments in London. He sent a video message.

But Matthew is keen to point out that he doesn't regret his time on Friends, but his years on the sitcom has made other acting jobs more difficult.

"It was such a great job, we all loved each other so much, and we all had such a wonderful time that subsequent jobs have been harder to do than that one," he says.