Matthew Perry - better known as Chandler from Friends - is taking his latest stab at returning to television's A-list with a new sitcom. Matthew Perry's 'Go On' - a single-camera comedy - will make its official debut next month, though NBC will road-test the show by premiering the pilot episode on Wednesday (August 8, 2012), following their primetime Olympics coverage.
Created by Scott Silveri (of Friends fame), 'Go On' stars Perry as sports talk radio host Ryan, who fails to deal with the death of his wife. His boss Steven forces him to take time off to attend grief counselling, which leads Ryan to a support group of people looking to make big changes in their lives. The show - a dark comedy - touches on the subjects of life, grief, loss and disappointment, though the audience will no doubt see the value of laughter in the sadness. Having seen the pilot, Cinema Blend were optimistic about the show, saying, "It could prove to be Matthew Perry's best role yet, as we see his character attempt to address the loss he's suffered and move on with his life". Perry has plenty of fans who are desperate to see him succeed at the very top of the television pile, and his comic timing on Friends suggests he probably has a decent role left in him - however, his track record doesn't bode well.
Aaron Sorkin's 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip', starring Perry in the lead role, was warmly received by critics but was cancelled after 22 episodes. His show 'Mr Sunshine' - in which he played an operations manager at a sports centre - was cancelled after just 9 episodes.