Multi-talented GLEE star Matthew Morrison is spending every second between takes on the set of the TV hit laying down tracks for his debut album.
The actor, who plays teacher Will Schuester in the Emmy-winning show, has teamed up with former 'Nsync star JC Chasez for a disc he plans to have ready for release in February 2011.
Morrison tells Billboard, "I'm about three-quarters of the way done. During our hiatus was the big chunk of putting it together - it's full-time Glee right now. I'm trying to do it on the weekends."
The actor describes the disc as a mix between "adult contemporary" and "stuff you'll hear in the club and you can dance to" - and he admits he owes much to songwriting partner Chasez, who helped him with at least one track, called Dancing in the Rain.
Morrison tells MTV, "I just did this great song last week with JC Chasez that was very, very cool. It turned out really well. He's such a good songwriter."