Matthew Morrison wants more straight actors to support gay rights.

The 'Glee' star takes pride in the show's ability to deal with sensitive issues including homosexuality and bullying, and admitted more straight celebrities need to speak out in favour of equal rights because he believes it carries more weight.

He told The Independent newspaper: ''I just think it's ridiculous that a loving and committed gay or lesbian couple can't get married just because they're different.

''The case is more impactful when it comes from a straight person because the people you're trying to persuade may not buy into it when they see a gay person talking.''

The actor-and-musician insisted he has worked hard to achieve he dreams, and suggested reality TV shows like 'The Voice' and 'The X Factor' don't give an accurate portrayal of how to reach your goals.

He added: ''Those shows make it look so easy. A lot of people on them like sensing but they want to be stars.

''They're in it for the wrong reasons. There's something about paying your dues and going through rejection.

''I was very excited when I got a Broadway role where my character actually had a name. Now I'm on a global TV show and I'm a lot more recognisable, but I think that I've earned it.''