Glee star Matthew Morrison has installed tighter security at his Los Angeles residence after growing concerned when an overzealous fan followed him home.
The actor/singer has shot to international stardom thanks to his role as high school teacher Mr Schuester on the hit U.S. show.
But he admits fame has led him to fear for his personal safety, after one fan was so desperate to get close to him that she "stalked" him.
Now Morrison has installed cameras on the grounds of his home so he can monitor the property.
He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "One girl stalked me home but I have a gate so they can't get in. But it's weird. This girl, she must have just been a fan, wanted to find out where I live and followed me home. I didn't call the police, though. She just left.
"Since then I installed video cameras and stuff. So I can be on my phone here and check my security. It's actually really cool."